Following a two-year pandemic hiatus, Betty brings a fiery kit inspired by this iconic triathlon event. Celebrating our longstanding love of the island’s mystical powers, our 2022 kit harnesses the force + beauty of the most feared and revered course in the world.

Forever in awe of the island’s iconic scenery, we wove the colors of this epic landscape straight into our design. Vivid shades of Coral Fire, Solar Yellow + soft Dusty Pink meet against a striking Black Lava backdrop, brought to life by an offset tropical palm print. Giving you a cheeky push when you need it most, we emblazoned a-l-o-h-a  b-a-d-a-s-s on the back to help you accomplish what you came here to do.

Since its inception, Ironman World Championship athletes have been in awe of the beauty and at the mercy of Kona’s fury—just like Kristin was when she rolled up to the lava fields 12 years ago. Filled with undeniable island magic + fueled by a dream, she blew through a backpack full of 30 custom jerseys and the brand was born.  

Betty Designs celebrates the athletic prowess in all of us whether you toe the start line or merely dream of competing one day. Embrace the power of Kona + create your own Island Magic.