2023 is an iconic year in Kona, celebrating women only at the Ironman World Championship. 

E Komo Mai is the Hawaiian phrase that means “come in”. Since Kristin’s first visit to Kona in 1998 to toe the start line,  the Island has spoken to her— giving her a sense of peace every year  she’s come back to work and share the energy of this endurance family. In 2010 she stepped off the plane with a dream of launching Betty Designs with just over two dozen jerseys in her backpack. This years kit tells a story of the beauty of the Big Island by showcasing the magical flora + fauna you encounter on land and in the sea. 

Inspiration from the kit is drawn from the beauty, diversity and vibrant colors that define the Island’s landscape. It guided her vision for creating an unmistakable kit utilizing the illustrative style of Iryna Ruggeri. Kristin worked with Iryna to develop each motif, staying true to capturing the Big Island’s magic, resulting in  a collection which is a wearable work of art.

Meet Iryna Ruggeri:

A passionate textile designer from the captivating coastal town of Bournemouth, UK. Her profound love for art, fashion, and nature shines through in our Kona collection. Iryna's designs exude vibrant energy, timeless elegance, and a spirit of innovation through her intricate patterns. With nature as her eternal muse, she weaves magic into every creation – that celebrate the captivating beauty of our world. Iryna Ruggeri's exceptional talent has garnered international recognition, with her prints gracing the collections of numerous esteemed global brands. Her relentless dedication to her craft has paved the way for partnerships with renowned international design studios, further amplifying her creative reach and impact.