Signature Open Water Swim Buoy
Signature Open Water Swim Buoy
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Signature Open Water Swim Buoy

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The Betty x Zone3 Open Water Swim Buoy is a high-vis open water swim accessory. Perfect for those swim / run events where a safety buoy is required. It is ultra-lightweight which provides virtually no drag. Perfect for improving visibility when in open water. The adjustable dual belt design which attaches securely around your waist; a leash ensures the buoy remains out of stroke range whilst swimming. The tow float comes complete with a valve for inflating and deflating and a carry handle.  

  • High visibility makes you easy to spot
  • Heavy duty PVC coated nylon waterproof outer material
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Low draw when in water
  • Adjustable strap allows you to position the buoy in the water as desired
  • Does not restrict your swim stroke as you tow the buoy behind you
  • Carry handle for ease of transport out of water
  • Size: deflated = 48 x 29cm / inflated = 41 x 22cm

**cap and goggles NOT included**