The #BettySquad is a world wide group (103 to be exact) of like-minded women who embody the spirit of being a Betty. We are strong, spirited, athletic, and keep fitness, fun + fashion at the forefront. We play hard, work harder, + feel confident in our skin, skinsuits, or wetsuits while we do it. We're powerful alone, but together, we're unstoppable.  


Betty's are always up for a challenge and the girls have set up monthly challenges to keep things fun. February was a handstand challenge and, it seems, pretty photos on graffiti walls. [ top left @erinarvego, top right @paulasmithfitness, bottom left @chasingraspberries, bottom right @fitnaticstyle ]

This shot of Dorette Franks encouraging Jillienne Sanders on the run at California 70.3 is what makes this Squad so special. We fight for each other. Support each other. Look out for each other. Photo credit to Christina Ekonomi for capturing this special moment.