Bad Ass Patch Pak

By Betty Designs


Set of 2 embroidered patches.

Skull butterfly logo patch is 3 inches tall

Bad Ass is Beautiful™ patch is 3 inches wide.

Patches can be sewn or ironed onto just about anything; jackets, hoodies, T-shirts, backpacks + more. Have fun with them!

Directions for ironing: 

  1. Set iron to "dry" (not steam) highest setting.
  2. Position your patch as desired and cover with the pressing cloth.
  3. Place the backing underneath between your garment or project and the iron board. The backing board helps reflect heat back to the patch and garment rather than drawing heat into the ironing board cover speeding up the process and ensuring a flat, secure bond..
  4. Press the iron flat about 45 seconds to tack the patch in place using the center part of your iron.
  5. Turn inside out or upside down (if possible) and still using the pressing cloth, repeat from reverse side for 30 to 45 seconds.
  6. ALLOW the patch and your item to cool, completely.
  7. Test an edge of the patch with your fingernail to ensure it is secure.
  8. If not, repeat increasing the amount of time 10% - 20% each time taking care to ensure the patch and fabric are protected.

Note: Do not remove the patch if you fail on your first attempt or you will damage the adhesive. Just repeat the steps with additional time. Some household irons just don't get hot enough as they do not have temperature gauges. The goal is to melt the glue into the fiber without scorching or burning the fabric or the patch. 

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