Are You A Betty?

SO STOKED  to announce an amazing group of women who will be rockin' the Team Betty kit in 2014!



TEAM BETTY 2014... Back in September we put out the call and were overwhelmed with an incredible selection of smart, athletic, socially savvy Bettys. After much deliberation, we chose a group of extraordinary women to represent Betty Designs in their community. Bettys were chosen based on their community influence, positive attitude, and active lifestyle.

So far, Team Betty has far exceeded our expectations. Look for them out on your group rides, running along the trails and lapping the boys at masters sporting their Betty swag (cycling kits, tri kits, swimsuits, run apparel, accessories, etc.) Our team is set for 2014, but it's never too early to start compiling your best photos, links to your blog and social media exploits for next year. In the meantime, stay tuned for periodic updates on the exploits of some of our favorite Bettys.