Are You A Betty?






Do you want to be a Betty in 2015? Are you a girl who loves to toe a starting line? Are you the girl always being asked about what you're wearing? Is what you race in as important as your training? Do you love to push yourself to the limit all while smiling and making friends along the way? Then we want to hear from you. 



Show us what you've got!!

Here's how to apply:

1) Submit photos, videos, PDFs, etc. (get creative) to by October 31, 2014

2) Share your story and tell us why you think you're a Betty.

3) Show us your influence. We love social media and bringing like-minded women together. You must be very active on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram to be considered, so please share your personal links.


We look forward to hearing from you!









They are one amazing group of women who share their love of sport wherever they go. Look for them on a race course near you this summer.

ROW 1 (top / left to right)

ALISON KEPLE I'm a marine biologist-turned-high schoolteacher who loves to play outside... especially multisport and SUPing.  Laughing keeps me young, and I love to help spread the fit, fun, and healthy love! Duncan, BC, Canada

AMY ELLETT I'm an Ironman x3. Runner. Traveller. Surfer. Dentist. Calgary, Alberta Canada

ANDREE MICELI I'm a child of God, Dog Mom, Wife, Clinical Social Worker/Director of Behavioral Health for Blue Cross Blue Shield of GA, and Triathlete for fun! Sharpsburg, Georgia USA

APRYL MORTENSON I'm a small town Iowa girl who resides in San Antonio, Texas. Love for yoga, travel, fitness, food, and fun. An Ironman addict that lives by the mantra 'Anything Is Possible'!! Live for adventure and most importantly a wife and momma to be. San Antonio, TX USA

BRITTANY BREAUX I am a triathlete, health-nut, and engineer.  Passionate about fitness, cycling and clean eating. Houston, TX, USA

BROOK EASTON I'm a Brook {without the "e"}. A spunky faux redhead, wife, working mom and writer. I found my inner athlete after crossing the finish line of my first triathlon. After five years I can finally call myself a triathlete. My goal is to encourage others along the way. Iowa City, IA USA

ROW 2 (left to right)

CHRISTINE GOULD I am a multi-tasker extraordinaire: wife/daughter/sister/friend/scientist/athlete. I am highly passionate about my pursuits in life - career, personal, and athletic - and hope to inspire other women to unleash their inner "Betty."  San Francisco, CA USA

COURTNEY POLLMAN I am a wife, Christian, triathlete and soon-to-be Doctor of Clinical Psychology. Virginia Beach, VA USA

DINA NEILS I am an age-group runner and triathlete with two total hip replacements who has fiercely battled Rheumatoid Arthritis for over a decade. As an Arthritis advocate, I compete in running races and triathlons to create awareness of the disease and to raise donations for Arthritis research. Sacramento, CA USA

DORETTE FRANKS I am an endurance & nutrition performance coach with Trifiniti Endurance, future RD specializing in Sports Nutrition with a whole food, plant-based approach. Freelance writer.  Fairfax, CA USA

ERIN CRUM Living life on the edge of awesomeness. Boise, ID USA

ERIN EARLYWINE Go Hard or Go Home! I'm a "multi-hat" wearing Mom, amateur triathlete, Jr. tri team coach, fitness motivator and race director.  Also a wine connoisseur in the afternoons! Keep your glass half full! Long Beach, CA USA

ROW 3 (left to right)

ERIN HUNT I am a wife, mom, teacher, and triathlete. Goal: to be a healthy role model for my kids. West Des Moines, IA USA

ERIN SPITLER I am a health and wellness fanatic, adventurer, living in the NOW! Whitefish, MT USA

HEIDI AUSTIN I am a collegiate runner turned triathlete. DPT. Lover of: hot pink, fresh powder, clean waves, & a good mojito. Jacksonville, FL USA

HILLARY HIGGINS I am financial warrior by day, triathlete by night. 4x marathon finisher, yoga teacher and strength training enthusiast.  Lover of caramel apples, airports and black sheep.  Hillary is known for her killer outfits, high-heel collection and love of long distance swimming. Calgary, Alberta, Canada

JEN MASON I am a busy working girl and mom to 2 beautiful little girls who loves to race triathlon. Always seeking a new adventure and lots of fun along the way. Boulder, CO USA

JEN RULON I'm an inspiring multisport coach, who specializes in a strength and conditioning program, The Strongest Mile, for endurance athletes. Chasing the Kona dream. #kona2015 #thestrongestmile San Antonio, TX USA

ROW 4 (left to right)

JENNIFER TEMPERLEY The quintessential triple threat - wife, mom, and businesswoman... until the gun goes off. Born with fins for feet, balloons for lungs, legs of steel and a VO2Max that makes the ordinary swoon, I am is the ultimate competitor and mile shredder. Always ready for a challenge, I will warm your heart with a smile as I drop you on a climb. Manhattan Beach, CA USA

JESSICA FRAZIER Work, train, cook, eat! You'll find me having fun and working like crazy to meet my ever-changing fitness goals while breaking glass ceilings and climbing my way to the top of the ladder at work, balancing friendships, relationships, and enjoying every bit of life that comes my way. Washington D.C, USA

JILL CORRIGAN I'm forever pushing myself to be the best mom, wife, teacher, athlete, giver, leader...person I can be. Verona, NJ USA

JULIE BENGYAK I am a Mom, triathlete, wife, girl on the run!, math teacher, & runner who is enjoying life one race at a time! Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY USA

JULIE GAGNON I am a triathlete, lawyer and community leader.  Fun to me is swimming, riding bikes, running in the trails or cross-country skiing.  I am super stoked to be on the Betty Team. Timmins, Ontario Canada

KAT DONATELLO Wife * Mom * friend * 8 time Ironman and IMWC finisher * Race Director *. World explorer. I am living my dream every day with my best friend by my side. Eliot, Maine, USA

ROW 5 (left to right)

KATE MATHESON I am a Mom x3, triathlete, runner, Ironman, communications guru, ninja (and Betty!) Rockin' right between the Jersey Shore & the City of Brotherly Love Near Philadelphia, PA USA

KATHY ENGLISH I am driven, determined, and dedicated both on the racecourse and in the classroom.  Scottsdale, AZ USA

KATIE NICKELL My nickname - crazy tri girl -- not just because I love triathlon, but because I will try almost anything within reason.  Don't ever quit and never say never!! Bakersfield, CA USA

KATIE ROWND I am all about Johns Hopkins Cross Country, Swimming, and Track class of 2014. 2013 ITU World Championships Team USA Baltimore, MD USA

KELLY SHULTE BEAM I am mother to the beautiful Lynnox Adela (Lynnie).  Wife to the world's best hubby, Jeff.  Marketer by day. Athlete in the mornings and on weekends (and whenever else possible).  Farm-raised with Midwestern family values. Pitbull owner and advocate.  Purdue University Alumni and NCAA Division I Track & Field athlete (track & field - pole vault). Betty Designs addict. Agoura Hills, CA USA

KELSEY ABBOTT Me? I'm a Hippie-Jock/ Triathlete/ Life Coach/ Triathlon Coach/ Owner of Freeport, ME USA

ROW 6 (left to right)

KIM VOSE Full time happy wife & mommy.  Part time triathlete.   Always stay moving. Be BIG Happy! Simpsonville, SC USA

KORI RETZBACH I'm an Iron-Mom who trains by chasing my kids; engineer who wishes a '65 Shelby Cobra could fit 3 car seats; wife to an awesome man trained to put out the fires I start; fashion-addict, adrenaline-junkie, and animal-lover, who's determined to spend every moment of this life fully aware of how blessed I am. Novi, MI USA

KRISTIN APOTSOS I thrive on racing cyclocross and standup paddleboards.  I'm a collector of carbon fiber and fiberglass recreational toys, awkward moments and adventure experiences, which conclude with a cold beer. This running/surfing/skateboarding mom promotes outdoor play through example and my blog, Melbourne Beach, FL USA

KRISTINA JENSEN Ironman triathlon makes my world go round. Quite simply though, I'm just an ordinary girl trying to do extraordinary things. Parker, CO USA

LAURA PETERSON I am a triathlete, mother, Senior Professional in Human Resources, advocate for skin cancer research and prevention and an eternal optimist who believes in paying it forward and making each day count- Carpe Diem! Sutton, MA USA

LEANNE REDWINE Ironman triathlete. BQ Marathoner. Ad agency exec. Mother of three bad ass Bettys-in-training. Sleep-deprived chaos manager. Cypress, TX USA

ROW 7 (left to right)

LINDSAY WHITCHURCH As a full-time registered nurse, mother and wife, triathlon is a way to re-connect with myself and re-energize for a demanding yet ridiculously fulfilling life. I am fortunate to be able to share my passion for fitness not only as a triathlete, but also as a group exercise instructor and find my greatest joy in being an example of a strong, committed and caring mama to my daughter and son.  Live life with love, integrity and a willingness to endure. Let's go to work! Northville, MI USA

LINDSAY ZUCCO I am a Betty when I am a mom to my 10-year-old son, go to work as a physical therapist to put the injured back together or pushing myself to the limit in a workout. I am a Betty when I swim bike run, or ride my cyclcross bike in the mud. I am a Betty when I blow dry my hair and put on a dress and heels and head out with the girls. I am a Betty when I am strong, powerful, sweaty and beautiful at the same time. Elburn, IL USA

LISA HOLDENER With me, even the butterflies and skulls compete.  Whether helping friends, family or total strangers as a mother, PTA Wellness chair or fitness ambassador or grinding out the last mile of a triathlon, the last round of a WOD or just a friendly run down the street, I only know one speed…Full Speed! Vacaville, CA USA

LISA MELVIN Always looking out for my next adventure, crave racing, training, lakes, ocean and mountains super passionate about Sport, Health & Fitness. Love inspiring others in a quest to achieve their dreams they didn't think possible. My mantra : be proactive not reactive. Rugby, Warwickshire UK

LUISA KELLER I love reading, sunshine, swim-bike-run, nature, time with family and friends, fashion. Why I do triathlon?  ‘Cause I love it! Stuttgart, Germany

MEAGEN JOHNSON I am a Mom, endurance athlete, gear geek, and owner of Sought-after tech and marketing ninja, helping fitness professionals and companies transform their business. Salt Lake City, Utah USA

ROW 8 (left to right)

MELANIE CARPENTER I am a high energy Mom, triathlete, water lover, IT Business Analyst Calgary, Alberta Canada

MELISSA LEBLANC My mantra: Dream, train, achieve… and NEVER, EVER give up! Because even though I am small, I am FIERCE! Clearfield, Utah USA

MONICA MACLEOD I'm a Canadian living in the US and I believe that life is meant to be enjoyed whether that's training for and racing in triathlons, riding my motorcycle, or dancing just because some great music is on - get outside & have fun!  Chicago, IL USA

MONICA MORENO Mother of 2. Enjoying my passion for 10 years: swim, bike, run! Love chocolate and laughing. Motto: 'Begin...the rest is easy". San Rafael, CA USA 

NADINE VOICE I am a Kiwi triathlete and Ironman junkie, living the dream, while being fit and fabulous in my forties. Christchurch, New Zealand

NANCY CLARKE I am a wife.  Mother. Triathlete and Coach.  Horse lover. Owner of 180 Endurance. Snohomish, WA USA

ROW 9 (left to right)

RACHEL CHAMBERS I am a triathlete, runner, Dietitian/Nutritionist who loves the sunshine in the gulf coast of Florida with husband, Tom and sassy kitty, Lacy Lu. Training and racing keeps me feeling strong and I love inspiring others to fight for their health! Sarasota, FL USA

ROBIN SAUNDERS  I started racing 4 years ago at the age of 59. Beth Gerdes, my amazing daughter, inspired me. It’s more than wonderful when a daughter becomes your mentor. Sunapee, NH USA

SANDY FAYE KRIEF About me... My favorite race, Race the Rock NC / Honu 70.3. Proudest Moment Speaking on the Ironman Foundation Panel on Behalf of Smile Train at Ironman Arizona 2014, Team Empower Athlete, Motto 'Never Stop Smiling", Why do I race...for the love of LIFE!, I have a road racing back ground switched to triathlons and am excited about some 50ks in 2014. I hope that by racing and smiling to encourage young girls to be their authentic selves and love who they are each and everyday! I hope that by racing and smiling to encourage young girls to be their authentic selves and love who they are each and everyday! Charlotte, NC USA

SARAH BETH HOUSER I am a triathlon and marathon running, veggie eating, mom of 5 boys. Baldwin City, KS USA

SHANA MILLER I am a fashionista, shopaholic, running chick, and marathon mom. Middlebury, CT USA

STEPHANIE SMITH I'm a blend of mostly sweet with a little spice, Betty Design's butterflies and skulls are just right!  I am a triathlete, medical provider, and skincare guru who met mommy-hood last summer! If I'm not training, you'll find me in my hometown of Denver at a local coffee shop, food truck or working in the urgent care (if you are unlucky!) Denver, CO USA

ROW 10 (left to right)

SUSAN RANCOURT I am a runner, Triathlete, SUP-lover, yogi wannabe, hockey mom, children’s wellness advocate and sports marketing fiend. Warren, RI USA

TAWNEE PRAZAK I am a MS and CSCS based in Laguna Beach, Calif. In addition to racing triathlon (with a special love for half-Ironmans), I am a triathlon coach, strength and conditioning coach, host of the Endurance Planet podcast, nutrition expert, writer, blogger, speaker, and occasional fitness model. I'm fueled by passion. Find out more at or Laguna Beach, CA USA

TERRY MARTIN I was born in Canada and moved to San Diego to pursue my triathlon dreams in the mid 80's as a competitor and later as a coach.  I raced as a professional throughout the 90's and enjoyed all the distances but my most memorable race was winning IM Canada in 1994.  I also loved racing at the Ironman World Championships in Kona and managed to podium six times with two age group wins in the over 40 division.  I've been coaching for the UCSD Master's Sports program for over 20 years and have been the Head Triathlon Coach for over 10 years.  Now I devote my time helping others towards their triathlon goals.  When I'm not coaching I enjoy spending time with wonderful husband and puppy. Encinitas, CA USA

TYLA BROWN Corporate America Nerd and Elite Ironman Triathlete…what’s next? Austin, TX USA

WAJEEHA AL-HUSSSEINI I am a 41-year-old working mom of 2 boys, loving all things sporty. I am an amateur triathlete, blogger and lover of all things chocolate and nutty! I am a Qatar Sandstormer and a proud Betty! Education City, Dohar, Qatar

BRI LEAHY I'm a former engineer, full-time photography student, and part-time athlete.  I believe in working hard to take on big goals! Lynnwood, WA



SO STOKED  to announce an amazing group of women who will be rockin' the Team Betty kit in 2014!




TEAM BETTY 2014... Back in September we put out the call and were overwhelmed with an incredible selection of smart, athletic, socially savvy Bettys. After much deliberation, we chose a group of extraordinary women to represent Betty Designs in their community. Bettys were chosen based on their community influence, positive attitude, and active lifestyle.

So far, Team Betty has far exceeded our expectations. Look for them out on your group rides, running along the trails and lapping the boys at masters sporting their Betty swag (cycling kits, tri kits, swimsuits, run apparel, accessories, etc.) Our team is set for 2014, but it's never too early to start compiling your best photos, links to your blog and social media exploits for next year. In the meantime, stay tuned for periodic updates on the exploits of some of our favorite Bettys.