by Kristin Mayer

As soon as I get back from Kona every October, it's clear fall has arrived. For us wimpy Californians, that means the days are in the 60s, and evening can drop as low as (gasp) the 50s. Works out fine for me. I freeze and it's an excuse to pull out some of my fall favorites. I put away the fluoro bikinis and pull out the knee-high boots, puffer jackets, flannels and plan a trip to the snow. This season I'm also really in to red. I am typically not a red person, but have found myself in love with the new hue of a Patagonia fave, tomboy-like flannels from Rails (thanks for introducing them to my wallet, Kir!) and rose gold jewelry accents. I also find myself wanting to curl up on the sofa with a nice glass of red. Cheers!