betty designs betty squad presented by curad performance

WE ARE BADASS. The BettySquad is a world wide group of like-minded women who embody the spirit of being a Betty. We are strong, spirited, athletic + keep fitness fun, + fashion at the forefront. We play hard, work harder + feel confident in our skin, skin suits or wetsuits while we do it. Whether you ride 200 miles per week or 20. Whether you run 50 miles per week or 5. Whether you swim 10k per week or 1k. Being a badass means having the courage to do it, whatever that “it” is for YOU. To show up. To be confident in the skin you’re in. To be the best you can be in all areas of your life, even when things get tough. Bettys are powerful alone, but together we are unstoppable.


betty designs betty squad

betty designs betty squad

(above) 2023 Bettys at Oceanside 70.3 by Rich Cruse 

betty designs betty squad

betty designs betty squad 2023 presented by curad performance

betty designs betty squad 2022

Photo by @lovedaysphotography 

betty designs betty squad 2021 

2021 Bettys at Ironman California / Sacramento.

bettysquad 20221

2021 Bettys at Ironman St. George 70.3. Photo by Justin Luau

2020 Squad athletes. Photo by Matthew Geleske.


2019 Squad athletes. Photo by Weston Fuller.

2019 Cactus Camp in Arizona for Ironman Arizona. Photo by Jaime Emery/Rose Street Studio.

2018 Squad athletes at Ironman 70.3 Oceanside.

2018 BettySquad Epic Camp. Photo by The Matt W Photography.



betty squad 2021

betty squad 2021

betty squad 2021

the betty designs betty squad of ambassadors