Who is Betty?

Passionate about pushing design boundaries in the Endurance Sports Industry

Kristin is a designer by both trade + passion. Her specialty lies in graphic design, with a key eye for colors + fashion trends. She started her design career as an advertising intern in the late 80s at L.A. Gear and progressed to lead footwear designer in the women’s athletic division. She has a long history of page layout + graphic design expertise which includes co-founding Her Sports + Fitness magazine in 2004 along with various freelance projects from 1996 through 2012 with brands such as No Fear, AVIA, K-Swiss, World Triathlon Corporation, Zoot Sports, Competitor Publishing, Triathlete magazine, Kestrel, ryka and Kestrel.


Kristin is both the founder and creative vision behind the women’s endurance apparel brand, Betty Designs. As an amateur triathlete for almost 20 years, Kristin took off to Kona in 2010 with a backpack of 25 cycling jerseys (the first official Betty design) and a dream—build an edgy brand for passionate + stylish women in endurance sports. In 2020 celebrating 10 years, Betty Designs has become synonymous with playful patterns, bold wordplay and original collaborations with top endurance brands, elite athletes and celebrities. Over the last decade Betty Designs changed the trajectory of women’s triathlon + cycling clothing empowering badass women worldwide.


As part of Betty Designs, Kristin has created a cult following of loyal customers + brand ambassadors. Every fall she puts out her annual call for BettySquad members and receives thousands of applications for a number of coveted spots. 


Kristin is a mom, designer and athlete. She splits her time between San Diego + Park City. She has a passion for remaining fit and setting an example for women from their 20s into their 60s. Not one for sitting still, she’s still loves to cycle, run, swim, surf, paddle, ski (of any kind) and hit the gym to work on her core. She loves chatting all things streetwear with her son and checking out the latest on couture runways. She is constantly obsessed with the vision for Betty Designs and works with her husband, Matt to create modern imagery combined with badassery.



"The skull + butterfly logo has its roots in triathlon. Back in my racing days, I would superstitiously wear a skull necklace around motivate myself to “toughen up” during a race. To me, there is nothing more fun than seeing a woman kick ass on a race course and then be able to go home, clean up, and be a lady. It is the belief that women can be both strong + beautiful that motivates me. Racing with the boys while looking like a girl is the heart + soul of the brand. It’s an attitude for women endurance athletes. The premise was to create something unlike anything else on market. My goal is to empower women to look good, feel good, and go out there and kick ass."


Real name… Kristin Mayer

Passions… design + fashion + sport

Sums me up… mom. designer. athlete. addicted to staying fit.

Fetishes… skulls + butterflies

When was your first triathlon… fall 1994

How many races have you done… 100+

First love (sport)… baseball. i actually thought i was going to be the first women to play major league baseball when i grew up!

Second love (sport)… alpine skiing

My one true love… my son, Gavyn

Design inspiration… surf + pop + street culture mixed with couture runway fashion

Superstitions… must design + race in a special one-off kit every year

Favorites… pizza, pasta, red wine

Irrational fear… big surf

My biggest challenge… trying to fit everything into 24 hours

Evidence to above....I can't sit still https://www.strava.com/athletes/12883796


 To view my other work and what inspires me, visit bettystyle.com.