by Kristin Mayer

Yes. It's Thanksgiving. A perfect time to reflect back and appreciate all that we have. Just over 3 years ago I took big leap, and hopped on a plane with a backpack and headed to Kona. Even though I made the trip so many times before, in 2010 I was more nervous than the year I raced in 1998. This time I carried my future in my backpack. I was trying to put the pieces back together after a life-changing experience and the only way I knew how was through design + sport.

This time I was designing for myself, my son, and our future. With the little cash I had, I bought 25 jerseys, 70 terry cloth wristbands, and 2 dozen tank tops. My goal was to launch Betty Designs. I had no idea if I could sell any of it but I had to take a chance. It turns out I sold everything I had in three days. 

I am so humbled by the response, support, and the people I've met along this journey. I cannot thank everyone who has supported me enough. "Thank you" just doesn't cut it. I could not have done it without Gavyn, The Main Freak, my family, friends, mentors and all of you. You guys have been there with from day one listening to my crazy ideas and purchasing everything I made. Happy Thanksgiving to all. We are truly blessed.