by Kristin Mayer

You know how the day before a race when you are making your checklist, laying out everything on the floor and trying to figure out where everything is going to go in your transition bag? Yeah. Me too.  I've always had one of those "fancy" hi-tech transition bags with multiple pockets, dry sections, clips, external pods, etc. and what I found is that they were just too complicated. 
Sometimes you just want to throw everything into one bag. That was the goal with the Jett Pak. One gigantic compartment to fit everything you need for race morning or a weekend get away. As a type-A personality, I always put smaller things into Ziploc® bags when I pack my stuff anyway.
The Jett Pak sets up on the floor and stands on its own with wide-open arms waiting to receive all your stuff. Go ahead. Throw it all in there. 
Aside from the size and ease of use, the Jett Pak hits my stylish side. I've always had a thing for animal skins and wondered why no one did anything fun with transition bags. Guess they have to appeal to both men & women? Not Betty. Heck yeah, I'd celebrate if a guy wanted to rock it, but let's be honest, this baby is just for us and I'm okay with that. 
I usually have a white-phobia with anything sport because I tend to get dirty, but this faux skin wipes clean easily with a baby wipe and doesn't absorb dirt. Pretty cool, huh?!  I dare you, get yourself one and roll into transition, spin class, the yoga studio, or onto the airplane. It might make you stand a little taller and push a little harder in your workout.