by Kristin Mayer

Betty is fond of fashion trends that are loud. Neon. Bring it. Animal prints. Done. Granny florals on your legs? Why not. 

Printed leggings are everywhere and the good news is that solids are out and flashy, bold prints are in. The louder the better. Check out what Adidas, Nike, Lululemon, Onzie, Athleta and Trina Turk have recently launched. Complete fun!

Betty's take on this trend is do do her signature style of asymmetric graphics like the World Champion Capri. If you want something a bit more subtle that can take you from yoga to a casual evening out, try our Snakeskin Capri.
This spring keep your eye out for The Bettys who will be sporting their Team Capri and fresh bloom of our Garden Party design. Our capris can be worn to yoga, run, SUP, surf, chill, shop and on the podium at your next race.
Our Betty Style™ recommendation is to stock up on several brands, colors, etc. and pair with your favorite running shoes. You won't regret it!