by Kristin Mayer


From time-to-time I will post about some cool finds for sporty girls. There is no reason women can’t have it all when it comes to sports gear, right? All I can say is—it’s about time! So stoked that gear for women is taking a nod from the fashion world. I’ve always had a fascination for metallics, shimmer, glitter—”bling” (if you know-what-I-mean). After all, a girl has to look good while out there doing her thing. Sidi has always made killer cycling and triathlon shoes. I’ve been racing in the T2 for the last 6 years and even went out of my way to purchase the men’s version so I could have the shiny patent-leather-looking white with the full carbon sole. They have just upped their game with the release of the T2.6 Carbon Lite in Silver Mamba/White Vernice. Let’s just say that silver + snakeskin = ultimate fashion meets function in my fave tri shoe. If you’re like me and have to have them (NOW) go shop at Nytro