by Kristin Mayer

You know those enamel pins that were childish knick-knack collector’s items back in the 80s? The denim patches all over your high school jean jacket? Well, they are back in fashion in full force.

On the runways of 2017 they have a serious cool factor and are a reflection of pop-culture memes. Rock the ones that speak to your personality, interests or your favorite emoji.

Because Betty is where runway fashion meets sport (and I freaking dig patches), I decided to bring this latest fashion trend to cycling + triathlon with my newest collection—COGGY.

Coggy is fun, colorful, lively, funny, silly, goofy and downright cutesy. Rock this kit to show your playful side.

Do not, however, go searching online to try to figure out what “Coggy” means. You wont find anything. “Coggy” refers to “Grandma Coggy.” When I was a kid I would dig through my grandmother’s giant tin of buttons, pins and patches. Her name was Catherine. Us kids called her “Coggy.”

I spent summers with her chewing giant sticks of Big Buddy Bubble Gum, baking fudge, and eating Wonder Bread + butter sandwiches. The Coggy brings back my love of childhood, the simple things, and my fascination for pop-culture.

Express your badass athletic self by rocking the Coggy on your next ride, in your next tri, or swim workout.

Below is a little peek into what goes on behind the scenes when I sit down to create a new line. This is the mood board for my inspiration for the Coggy Collection.