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You know what's fun about launching a new fashion line? Being able to share with you my love of other things besides bicycles, wetsuits and sports nutrition. Just giving you a heads up I'm going to start talking about my favorite watches. Why? Everyone asks me about my watches. Its always starts with questions about the size of the watch I’m wearing then they want to know more. For some reason I thought it was weird to talk to about watches like I do about the clothes, but it’s time to come out of the closet and confess that I am a watch nerd and watches are as good as a good bag. A necessary accessory to any fit. And I think you need to understand this.


The other reason I kept quiet all of these years is that my tastes in watches fall so far out of the mainstream I was always a little embarrassed. After talking with so many of you, I think it is time to get over myself  and talk about what I like and maybe even a little about what think is wrong about the watch industry when it comes to women. 


Sometimes it seems that the watch industry treats women like we are secretaries going to the office in 1972. Personally, I have no use for a teeny, tiny, 31mm, dainty watch. I am an athlete used to wearing sports watches. At a minimum, I need something to cover my ghastly 43mm tan line. We are going to get into all of it, but it will take me about 9 more articles to say what I have to say. Along the way, I hope to change your mind about what you think about watch style.


It is time to talk watches because a 31mm Rolex Datejust isn’t going to cover this white patch on my wrist and a dainty watch on a woman just feels out of place in 2024.


Buying watches can be a bit awkward…I mean, a lot of the places are fancy jewelry stores which intimidate me. Online it is difficult to know who to trust. Recently, I discovered Bezel. Bezel is basically the StockX of watches. Bezel is the solution to the problem of knowing who to trust. They are a marketplace for TONS of watches and authenticate them. I trust them and feel confident sending new watch lovers there to start shopping. Discovering Bezel is part of the reason I am coming out of the closet. Now I have a place to send you to browse + shop.


You can find a link to many of the watches mentioned in this series at my personal link.  If you want, you can use the code KRISTINMAYER to receive a sizable discount. Full disclosure, I will also get a small credit to my account.  We reached out to Bezel because we used their service before this series and will continue to use them in the future. We asked them to collaborate and help make this happen for you guys. This is not a paid partnership.


**Side note: “we” refers to myself and my nerdy husband. He is more obsessed with watches than I am. He understands all the details of how they work, the history behind brands, and how they market to customers. He will be referred to as “The Watch Nerd” throughout this series to bring real facts about the watches I love. It works out perfectly. I talk about fashion / styling and he can go on about brand heritage, etc. I may be biased, but I think we make a great (watch) team.**