betty designs do epic shit endurance apparel for women

When I founded Betty Designs in 2010 my vision was to create things that stand out. Things that are not for everyone. Weird, right?! Not really. As I designer my entire career, I believe pushing design boundaries are where it's at no matter what medium you work in. From Day One the first kits and marketing messaging were to get you to s-t-o-p. Take notice. You would love it or hate it. For me designing something with no reaction or "thats nice" means a design fail.

Same with marketing + word play. Bettys push personal boundaries. Bettys strive to be better on and off the race course. Bettys are bold. Bettys are willing to try something new that scares them. Bettys love feeling out of their comfort zone. "Do Epic Shit' personifies their attitude. This means toeing the line of an ultraman or doing your first sprint distance triathlon. Doing epic shit is an individual journey, not a metric. It's an attitude + a way of life.


betty designs do epic shit endurance apparel for women

As a Betty, this is what we live for. It’s what we stand for. And who we are. This collection isn’t for the faint of heart, but for those who push beyond what they thought was possible. For those who persevere and overcome whatever’s in their way until they feel alive. Every. Single. Day. 

Our first Do Epic Shit collection (2017) came out in a timeless + sophisticated color palette of black + gold. Do Epic Shit 2.0 (2018) was added into the line as a more "tame" color palette of navy combined with soft pastels + white background. Our most recent Do Epic Shit 3.0 burst out during covid in Hyper Yellow. Something we all needed to shine.


betty designs do epic shit endurance apparel for women

The line has extended into truckers, swim caps, tanks, water bottles, handlebar tape + race belts. This way you can add a bit of attitude no matter what else you are wearing or doing. Drop the self doubt + crank up your confidence no matter how you rock Betty's motto. #DoEpicShit