Hi I'm stoked you stopped by! In my 12 years of Betty Designs I've learned a lot about how our clothing fits all different-shaped bodies and want to make sure you get into the correct size. Your size means it flatters your figure + allows you to perform your best. Self confidence is key. I want you to feel good in our gear and kick some butt when you're out doing your thing. Book your personal consultation today! I look forward to meeting you.


Some common fit questions:
  • What does Race Fit mean?
  • Should I go up a size?
  • Do I have to wear your kits tight? I prefer my garments to fit a bit loose.
  • I know I provided my height, weight, etc. but there is no way I wear the size you suggest.
  • I received my gear and think it's too tight. Can you tell me if this is the way it's supposed to fit?
  • Should the leg bands be loose around my legs?
  • The swimsuit straps feel so tight, should I go up a size?
  • I'm between sizes, should I go up or down in this piece?
The list goes on and on. Whether you just received your first kit in the mail and want my opinion on how it looks or want some assistance in what you currently wear and how it compares to Betty—I'm happy to help. 
Peep our size chart.