by Kristin Mayer

Its been pretty fun on this journey. As a creative person, my mind constantly overflows with things I want to design, both product-wise, and from a branding perspective. At the end of January, I finally had the talent and resources to pull together a shoot that I've had in my mind for a long time. I found the perfect Betty—Elise, to be the model for the 2014 line. She embodies everything Betty stands for. She's beautiful inside and out and is one bad ass athlete. She does it all—runs, yoga, paddles, surfs big waves, cycles and has even done an Ironman. She's fearless + feminine.

My dear friend who has stood by me and watched this process, Kirsten, has been helping me out more and more with things as the company grows. She's got a great eye for product, design and a disposition that makes everyone feel at ease. She helped on the set with all the little details so I could be free to do what I do best—be creative! 

And let's not forget that a great image truly makes a brand shine. I've watched The Main Freak take a hobby and hone his skills from the ground up. Asking questions, watching videos, trying out new things. I'm thankful to have him on my Team and his partnership with Leucadia Photo Works has now given Betty a home to create the brand imagery I've been dreaming of. 

Ok. Enough babbling. I'm off to ride my bike and think about the next things I'm going to design.