by Kristin Mayer


We all need an outlet. For our extra energy, enthusiasm and sometimes just to cope with the curveballs that come our way. I am very lucky. I have two. One is design. The other is triathlon. Anyone close to me knows that 2010 was a challenging year for me. Not one to keep my mouth shut, I decided to create something to reflect last year and all the positive things that will come from the experience. One of my new designs, the Fairytale Jersey may look like an edgy print, but it’s much more. The sleeves boldly post the date, that my husband decided after almost 14 years of marriage, was not the life he wanted anymore. That’s it. I said it. The print contains little nuggets that reflect people, places and things relevant in my life. Interestingly enough, I recently stumbled upon the the Story Maxi Dress by Quiksilver

I wonder what this designer’s story is…….