by Kristin Mayer

Looking for that perfect gift for that badass athlete in your life? Here are some of my favorite things right now to get me motivated as we roll towards 2016:

1) My dream bike: Trek Madone 9.9. Point blank THE sexiest road bike I've ever laid eyes on. That little hit of pink puts me right over the edge.

2) Mavic Cosmic Carbone aero wheels and CXR Ultimate Shoe. Might be over kill on the aerodynamics, but hell do they look good.

3) Rudy Project Airstorm Road Helmet and Momentum glasses. In true BettyStyle™ form, I love pairing a neutral-colored cycling helmet with a colorful lifestyle glass. Bonus: the Momentum comes in 5 kick ass colors to match any kit!

4) I've always loved big watches. I have a tiny wrist and think it's super-fun to put a huge, chunky, sporty, masculine timepiece on my wrist. Total accessory statement. My current fave is the Timex Expedition Grid Shock. In camp, of course!

5) This winter I'm trying to get my running mojo back. After being in Kona I noticed New Balance was stepping up their game in the lightweight race shoe department. One run in the Vazee Pace and I was hooked.

6) A lot of athletes love to work on their swim in the colder months. Seems kinda crazy to me since the temps drop and you have to get wet, but hey, to each his own. ROKA hasn't been around that long, but they have revolutionized the swim market with their sick goggles, wetsuits and swimskins. They have a goggle to fit any shape face and everything from swimsuits to full wetsuits to up your H2O game.

7) I admit it, I'm not the best at always applying sunscreen, but this yummy-scented, all-natural COOLA SPF 30 Sport in Pina Colada goes on easy, doesn't run into my eyes and smells like a tropical cocktail.

8) Depending on the sport, effort, timing + duration I have a couple of go-to products in my nutritional arsenal. Post hard workout I like to put some quality calories down in that immediate 15-minute window. Designer Protein's ready-to-drink concoctions are perfect for chugging. I'm not a big fruity person when it comes to flavors, but NUUN's Watermelon flavor is rad and nothing beats a quick burst of energy mid-sprint like Bonk Breaker Strawberry Energy Chews a little caffeine goes a long way.

What are some of your favorite things this season?

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