by Kristin Mayer

When I launched the brand back in 2010, my vision was to take cycling + triathlon clothing to a new level. I had been racing for 17 years and always seemed to be looking for something more "unique" to wear on race day.

Anyone that knows me, knows I have an equal obsession with endurance sports + fashion. It's the yin / yang, skull / butterfly, strength / beauty, etc. in my split personality. My closet is literally a "collection" of things I love to wear. A common trend seems to be bits of snakeskin here and there. On a clutch, a boot, slingback or in a texture of a bag.

I decided back in 2013 to launch a Snakeskin Cycle kit that would really push the envelope in design. I went for it. Non-traditional color combos of turquoise + orange and olive + hot pink. Needless to say the kits sold just so-so. For the last couple of years it has still been my personal favorite. The true intersection of fashion + sport. The definition of BettyStyle™.

Here we are over 2 years later and I decided to launch it again. "Skins" have become a huge trend in the last couple of years and they are not just for leather accessories. I took my original snakeskin cycle kit design, toned it down to basic hues with shiny, updated fabrics. This time I think the market may be ready.