by Kristin Mayer

There is nothing like getting a new bike for motivation. I have a problem. I like nice bicycles. This year I got to build up my dream bike—a Trek Madone 9 Series. To quote my son, it's "soooooo sssiiiiicccckkkkk". The down tube is more aero, the geometry is a bit more aggressive, the handlebar / stem is one integrated, beautiful, piece and it has these "wings" that open when you turn which are meant to buffer the wind resistance on the front end of the bike.

One of the perks of my job is that I get to wear a different kit every day. Back when I was racing, I would pick my colors each season and match my custom clothing to my bike, helmet, and running shoes. That would be my look for the year. Now I like to ride a simple, stealthy, color bike that can go with whatever kit I decide to wear that day. My Trek is matte black with hits of gloss and a tiny bit of white. It's rad! The Trek Store in Solana Beach was super helpful in getting it built. Belgian Waffle Ride training - here I come!

Ready to design your own? With the Trek Project One program you can customize your bike to match any kit. You can customize everything from paint, to wheel decals, to saddle, to bar tape. I had some fun playing with different looks to match each of our inline collections:

betty designs snakeskin trek bikes

betty designs garden party trek bikes

betty designs kick cancer trek bikes

betty designs world champion trek bikes

betty designs team issue trek bikes

betty designs tattoo trek bikes


betty designs fly trek bikes

Can't afford the Project One option? Check out the Trek Womens Collection of off-the-shelf bikes. Either way, your style points go up AND you just may gain some extra speed.