by Kristin Mayer

This time of year everyone is thinking about pink, pink, pink. After all, it is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I wanted to do something unique. To give back. To those affected by cancer. I have come across many women who use sport to deal with how the disease has impacted them and their family, and wanted to create a cycling kit design to empower them. Inspire them to fight. Not give up. In Betty's words—Kick Butt!

I already had pink with The Betty kit, and wanted to do something in an unexpected, pretty color combination. That's when I was flipping through the pages of Australian Vogue and saw an ad for Moroccan Oil. They have done an incredible job with their branding. The colors are simply gorgeous. Why not put them on a kit, right?! Oh, and yes, I just had to add a touch of pink as a nod to October. Hopefully this will inspire many to get out and ride. This is a limited edition production.

Pre-order you Kick Cancer kit here! Every year my goal will be to create something new, fresh and more unique. With just the perfect balance of skull + butterfly.