by Kristin Mayer

betty designs womens cycle jersey


Leader In Women’s Endurance Apparel Commemorates Brand Evolution and Badass + Beautiful Community

Carrying the torch in the women’s endurance space, Betty Designs excitedly celebrates its 7th year of creating bold athletic apparel for badass + beautiful females around the globe. 

A true one woman show at the start, amateur triathlete Kristin Mayer took off to Kona back in 2010 with a backpack full of original designs and a dream—build an edgy brand for passionate + stylish women in sports. Now in its seventh year, Betty Designs has become synonymous with playful patterns, bold wordplay and original collaborations with top endurance brands, elite athletes and celebrities. 

Assembling the first Team Betty back in 2010 with the help of Nytro Multisport in Encinitas, Mayer gathered local, elite women athletes to represent the brand in the pool and on the road. Building a loyal following of exceptional women through word of mouth and events, Mayer expanded the Betty Designs Ambassador program in 2014, laying the groundwork for a badass group of strong + feminine women—The Betty Squad. Currently rolling at 220+ members deep, the 2017 Betty Squad is comprised of women of all levels, shapes and sizes from around the world. Attracting an exceptional group of like-minded women who are strong, spirited, athletic, and keep fitness, fun + fashion at the forefront, Betty Designs expects over 4,000 applicants for the Squad in 2018, and anyone can apply.