One of the few things I like more than watches is typography. I spend countless hours studying typography in advertisements and finding the perfect fonts for my work as a graphic designer. My love of typography works itself into my love of watches. I like watches with numbers not those boring dots and dashes.

There is a group of 5 watches that kill me (in a good way) with their big + bold numbers. These are not your most common, well-known watches and they sell well below their value. Most dudes can’t handle the bold numbers. But as women, we CAN. Think of these wrist candy numbers as graphic accessories to your fit. I wish I had a name for big graphics, big numbered, watches but I don’t. Here are a few that I currently love.

From left to right: 1) Bell and Ross BR-03 92 2) IWC Ingenieur AMG IW3227-02 3) Rolex Air King 126900 4) Chopard Mile Miglia 5) Tudor North Flag another you should check out that is not shown below is the Hermes H08.


kristin mayer watches BDlab Sportswear

betty designs BDlab Sportswear and Bezel watchees

Logan is wearing the Bell and Ross BR-03, BDlab Every Day Tank in Caramel + BDlab Adventure Short in Faded Army (both new colors coming in April).

Insider notes from the watch nerd: Kristin is right. Most dudes follow each other like sheep and are unwilling to take a risk with their watch choices. Many dudes like little dashes and dots rather than big numbers on their watches. For this reason, if you do find yourself researching watches online, be sure to ignore most of what you read. Dudes will tell you that watches with bold fonts are a crime against humanity. They are wrong. Find your own style. If you like it, go for it. Don’t let the dudes in the forums tell you what to like. I promise, most of the time they are just signaling to each other in a quirky watch bromance.  Like Kristin says, you can do stuff that dudes (including me) can't. 

You can find a link to many of the watches mentioned in this series at my personal link.  If you want, you can use the code KRISTINMAYER to receive a sizable discount. Full disclosure, I will also get a small credit to my account.  We reached out to Bezel because we used their service before this series and will continue to use them in the future. We asked them to collaborate and help make this happen for you guys. This is not a paid partnership.