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Betty Designs Blog Post

'Tis the season to reflect. 'Tis the season to be grateful for each of YOU. 2019 was a year for the books + could not happen without your support, follows, tags, passion + style. We launched our greatest number of collections in a 12-month period (11 to be exact), collaborated with insane brands including; @alohacollection, @roka, @sciconsports + @opencycle. On a personal level, I rode bikes more, skied more, laughed more, completed my 5th Belgian Waffle Ride, "raced" my first Fondo + tackled the college application process with G. As a designer I pushed my creative limits + believe I am just scratching the surface of what is to come.

Looking forward to 2020, Betty Designs will celebrate her 10th year anniversary. A decade of Betty. WOW. It's crazy to think back to 2010 where it all began stepping off a plane in Kona with a backpack of jerseys, tanks + wristbands. I pinch myself on how the brand has grown + I look forward to evolving my vision. I hope you will stay with me. One thing is for sure, Betty will stay true to her roots. The brand voice will be bold, unapologetic + disruptive. It's not for everyone + I intend to keep it that way. I can never be all things to all people + 2019 definitely showed me that.


Social media has brought out the worst in society with humans being offended by every. little. thing. It is never my intention leave out a culture, race, color, age, shape, size or ability. It's impossible to tick all the boxes at every touchpoint. I will stay true to me + be authentic, honest + kind as best I can. I will continue to use the athletes that inspire me on a personal level as models on our site. There will be 10 collection launches, special anniversary-branded items + so much more. Stay tuned. Something you want to see in 2020? Shoot me a note. Share your story.
Stay well + kick ass.
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