I am all about bib shorts. I never wore them back in my tri days even when I rode long. Once I tried them I never went back. Bibs are like pantyhose for cyclists. They hold everything in nice + tight. Even if your jersey moves around on a ride you won't get that little sunburn between the bottom of your jersey + top of your shorts because they come up a tad bit higher in both the front + back. People always ask how I go to the bathroom in them. Honestly, the tiny bit of extra time it takes me to whip off my jersey is worth the comfort for the day. Are those shoulder straps comfortable?—You bet! After a couple of rides you won't even notice them. Dare you to try them! Still not convinced? I will always sell a basic black non-bib cycle short with a wee bit longer inseam for those of you who just wont' switch. And for the colder temps, our bib tights are lightly fleeced lined for extra warmth.