by Kristin Mayer


I like to keep people on their toes. I spend a lot of time at masters swimming and, quite frankly, find it boring to keep looking at the black line. I check out what people are wearing and wonder why swimsuits can’t be more fun. I also don’t like to wear exactly what everyone else is wearing.

The folks at Splish were happy to indulge me by letting me design my own suit. Every year I design one training bikini just to see what people will think. It’s especially fun to put a bold motif  “down there”. Don’t tell me you don’t check people out at the pool. I know better. And while we can all pretend we don’t, I create suits to make sure you do. I’ve been known to put skulls, butterflies and peacock feathers on the crotch of suits.

Because swimming gets boring after a while.