BETTYSTYLE PODCAST EPISODE 4: betty x SW | Behind the Design with Artist Susan Wickstrand

BETTYSTYLE PODCAST EPISODE 4: betty x SW | Behind the Design with Artist Susan Wickstrand

by Bold Apps


In this episode of BettyStyle, Kristin talks with her favorite local, Encinitas artist, Susan Wickstrand about their kit capsule collaboration, being an artist/designer, USC School of Fine Arts, following your passion + more!betty x SW betty designs susan wickstrand collab

betty x SW: Behind the Design  |  Capsule Drop March 30, 2018

Back in 2011, my dear girlfriend Kirsten, introduced me to Susan’s work.  Matt and I had just started dating and we went to small gallery show in Cardiff to check out “this artist” Kirsten said she thought I’d love.  Her technique is collage and her vibe is happy-meets-aloha-meets-california-meets-surfer-girl-vibe. After the show I was obsessed! Flash forward few years, there are 6 pieces in our home, and I am still lusting over many more.  

Susan and I chatted about working together while co-collaborating on another project. I jumped at the opportunity. No brainer right?  We started brainstorming and the timing couldn’t have been better.  Betty now has the ability to print 4-color imagery on kits and this was the perfect opportunity to bring the work of my favorite artist to life on workout gear and showcase our new printing tech. 

After settling on a California themed kit, we pulled together an inspiration board of colors, inspo + elements. We took each others ideas and realized we meshed perfectly for this project. Susan took the lead on creating art with our theme. My initial contribution was that I was adamant about was having a female surfer silhouette + and the letters in the word C-A-L-I-F-O-R-N-I-A somewhere in the collage. 

A few weeks later Susan returned with an unbelievable design that was everything I imagined it would/could be. Now the challenge was to take her 4-color dense artwork and combine it with my modern, graphic design aesthetic to yield a balance of the two of our styles. She also brought watercolor hangtags that worked their way into the design on each sleeve and side panel of the shorts to show sun + sea. To get the Betty aesthetic, I cut up her art and used the elements in a very large way. Finally,  I balanced out the kit design with a modern paisley-water drop motif + athletic striping “tape” bearing our collab logo. 

Susan is selling the art that inspired our collaboration. California Tapestry glassed art is available for purchase here. You can also purchase a matted print here.